Saturday, 22 December 2007

Samsung U600: It’s all about functional elegance

Sometimes, even the most inquisitive of people get tired of all the frills and hype that get attached to a mobile phone when it is introduced in the market. The dozens of features, software and applications on a tiny phone seem so attractive- until the system freezes, that is- or you conclude in momentary frustration that it is too complicated for you to use. Well, here is some holiday cheer for you.

The Samsung U600 comes across as a fully functional and elegant phone. Although it can be hard to notice in the cacophony of phones blowing their own trumpets (or ringtones!) so loudly, it truly is a class apart. It functions on Quad band technology, features Bluetooth and is internet enabled. It has a very handy Document Viewer, that supports Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF formats alongwith a USB port for easy transfer to and from the computer. One of the most thoughtful innovations in this phone is its Sunlight mode, which reduces reflection on the screen when the lighting is too bright and increases the on-screen colour contrast. Another great feature is the built-in hands free application, so you do not have to fiddle with earphone wires or keep configuring the wireless headphones. The Micro SD memory card slot gives ample storage capacity.

If you are wondering whether or not it has any media applications, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It includes a built in 3.2 megapixel camera, a clear and seamless video recorder, supporting MPEG4, AAC, H.263, an MP3 player supporting Mp3, WMA, AAC formats, and even Java enabled gaming applications. Without building up unnecessary hype in the market, the Samsung U600 contains all media applications, presented with thoughtful and substantial features.

Graced with a subtle elegance, this phone is styled in a contemporary fashion. The tough sensitive keypad is based on a slim metallic plate and the keys are separate by slightly elevated seams. A total of 7 colour options are available in Sapphire Blue, Crystal Blue, Platinum Silver, Copper Gold, Garnet red, Neutral White and Soft Black. Besides, did you it is the thinnest slider phone in the market as of now? If you are one who likes to make a subtle and graceful statement without comprising on the substance and features, the super slim Samsung U600 will fulfill your wishes this holiday season!

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Sony Ericsson W910i: Composing life's background music!

Feeling low? Here are some soothing Rhythm & Blues melodies. Feeling funky? Shake with some peppy dance numbers! With an incredible play of technology, the Sony Ericsson W910i will sense your mood and play songs accordingly- with an application called SensMe- now that's what is called innovation. Certainly the most loved music phone till date, this little tech-fluffed device has much else: an in-built Speakerphone, digital camera, Bluetooth connectivity, very convenient PC to phone transfer through USB port along with a Memory Stick Micro slot for expandable memory.

A beautiful addition in the slider category, this music phone is a very sleek and sharp model, weighing merely 86 grams. It is available in 2 bold and basic colours: Hearty red and Noble Black. The slider reveals an etched-in, numeric keyboard, although wide enough for comfortable typing.

This beauty doesn't lag behind in technical specifications. It is compatible on the EDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSDPA (3G) networks. Featuring strong Bluetooth connectivity, it is also optimised for web browsing. Its 2 mega pixel camera captures pictures with good clarity and the generous 2.4 inch screen makes a good viewfinder and photo viewer. Its speakerphone ensures amazing voice clarity and phone is enabled for video calls. Loaded with such novel and user-friendly features, it has taken the market by storm. So much so, that the President of Sony Ericsson was surprised at the market enthusiasm created by the phone, which outshone even their own expectations?

The features that make this phone a class apart as a music phone are its music applications. SensMe is an application which allows creating music playlists based on the user's mood and state. Your constant companion (with a remarkable battery life of 9 hours), this music phone composes the perfect background music through the ups and downs of life! Another novel concept is its “Shake Control” application, which enables you to go the previous or next track seamlessly by just a single flick of the phone. Intuitively and appropriately crafted, a back and forth shake of the phone will shuffle up the songs for you. With supremely easy finger touch navigation, the application is optimised for easy and quick music downloads. So for a melodious experience, filled with a bit of tech-fun, the Sony Ericsson W910i is every music lover's dream machine.

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Sony Ericsson K850i: Picture Perfect

Sony Ericsson presents K850i- the top of the line camera phone so far in Sony's Cyber Shot range. Capturing the fleeting moments of life for keepsake, the K850i is any photographer's delight. Although it offers almost all features of a good multimedia phone, it is the in-built camera that will make your hand reach for the wallet.

Like all good phones designed for highly mobile people, it works on a quad band technology (GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900) and UMTS. It has great call reception and clarity in speakerphone. In its Organiser mode, it is equipped with Phone book, Calendar, Notebook, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Tasks, Timer and much else. The 2 slots for memory cards give a generous option in external memory- there is a MicroSD and Memory Stick Micro card slot; a USB port is included for quick and easy transfer to and from the PC. Its music media mode features an FM radio, in-built Play Now software and Media Player and the video mode records clips with crisp clarity with the help of its video stabilising software. 3G will give fast broadband connectivity and EDGE technology gives it a real edge in high speed data transfer.

So what about its camera, you ask? Sony has left no scope for questionable clarity, showcasing its camera phone with an amazing 5 Megapixels! For quick and convenient photography, the auto lens cover, auto focus, auto flash and auto Photo fix does it all. For more conscious photographers, a wide variety of manual settings are available in flash, effects, timer etc. such as twilight flash, portrait pictures, landscape mode, and photography for the beach or in snow. A special mode for sports photography is available, which needs precision timing and increased clarity. Its anti blur feature makes sure the pictures come out crisp and clear each time. The Photo fix feature auto- corrects pictures in low lighting conditions and can convert pictures in black-and-white, negative, or give the sepia effect. You can take, view, edit, store, categorise share and upload your pictures or even create a photo blog. You can enjoy the photos slide-show as you listen to a playlist of your favourite songs. Sounds like a cup of tea is all else you might need.

The phone is encrusted in a black and gray casing with an option of Velvet Blue or Luminous highlights and trimmings. In a convenient and solid bar design, it weighs barely 118 grams. The Sony Ericsson K850i is truly picture perfect- or shall we say- perfect pictures?

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Nokia N81: The Entertainment Package

Ask anyone- “Which is the one gadget you like the most?" Without even as much as a second of thought, the answer will most likely be a mobile phone. Moreover, if its the Nokia N81 you own, your adoration will probably grow into an ardent addiction! Designed to provide the ultimate entertainment experience for people on the move, the Nokia N81 is fully loaded with gaming, music, video, camera and web applications featuring Quad band GSM compatibility.

To begin with, the phone is extremely user- friendly. An easy navigation wheel guides you through the loaded maze. Besides being fully customisable, its 3D multimedia menu is as attractive as it is intuitive. The ergonomics of this sleek slider is way beyond comparison or competition. The stylish shape, the glazed polish and illuminating keys along with a sturdy balance makes a powerful statement.

Needless to say, this phone is not just a beauty. Being a “Phone” first, it has a clear call reception and transmission, even in Speaker mode. It has power packed gaming, photo, music and video and Internet applications in a tech-savvy bundle. With a high capacity, in-built memory of 8 GB, you can store your photos, music numbers and video clips, and download and play games as well. For photographers on the move, this is a handy little device with an in-built 2 mega pixel digital camera and a 2.4 inch LCD screen (even bigger than many digital cameras). It provides for a colourful experience supporting up to 16 million colours. For music lovers, an in-built FM radio, integrated stereo speakers, a variety of supporting formats (like MP3, AAC, and WMA etc.) and an in-built Real Player come as a pleasant surprise. You can even configure wireless headsets through Bluetooth and access the web through LAN or at Wi-Fi hot spots.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Nokia N81 is the Lifeblog, which lets users create, edit, present search and share content- their life in text, photos, music, and videos with other users. Nokia has been successful in creating a strong, loyal following by keeping up with the trends. Nokia has identified and connected with its new age generation and hence, they are being able to bring out the products that have an instant and massive appeal among its target market. Rest assured, this little 140 gram tech-packed entertainment device will stay beside you, singing to you at night or day.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Sony Ericsson z610i is more than just a mobile phone

Sony Ericsson z610i is more than just a mobile phone. Some of the greatest features pertaining to on-the-move communication coexist in this Sony Ericsson model with specialized multimedia capabilities and advanced imaging options. For starters, it can be said that the Sony Ericsson z610i can be used as a digital camera as well as a music player.

It can be used for web browsing and that too at very high speeds. Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the Sony Ericsson z610i is compatible with a wide gamut of other electronic gadgets. And the best part is that the Sony Ericsson z610i is a third generation (3G) handset. This makes it quite a powerful mobile phone model to acquire and use.

The Sony Ericsson z610i is a stunner, when it comes to looks. The handset comes with a hidden mirror effect that increases the visual appeal of the same to a significant extent. One can listen to music on the move; browse the Internet; receive and send emails; or may be just make reservations online. All these and more is possible in the Sony Ericsson z610i.

There is a 2.0 mega-pixel digital camera which is built into the handset model. The navigation of the camera options are easy and straight forward; you are not required to be a rocket scientist to understand the way to operate this specialized capability of the gadget. There is a screen view finder a well as dedicated menus, which makes using the handset an experience in itself.

And the great part is that the handset can be used to make video calls. Imagine seeing the expressions of love or sometimes even anger on the face of your loved ones, as and when you talk to them and that too in real time. With instant email and total Java support, the Sony Ericsson z610i makes for a potent combination.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sony Ericsson K550i: Come to Feel the Real Technology

The latest Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phone handset is lightweight gadget making it easy for the user to carry it in the pockets. The 85 grams weighing K550i is too slim with only 14mm in depth & compact with a height of 102mm & a width of 46mm. coming in a jet black colored casing & a pearl white the K550i also has a digital camera inside it.

The Sony Ericsson phone comes along with a beautiful 262k colour TFT type screen with a high screen resolution. The photos taken by the user with the mobile phone can be purely and clearly viewable on the high resolution screen. The phone also has a large collection of colourful animated wallpapers which can be downloaded by the user. The handset even gives the opportunity of saving personal photos as wallpapers.

The Sony Ericsson mobile phone has a high quality 2 megapixel camera. It is possible for the user to take photos instantly by sliding the lens cover. The camera connected with the mobile phone features a digital zoom, photo light, auto focus permitting the user take a focused & clear photo every time. The mobile camera feature is also beneficial for the user with video recording capabilities permitting the user to take & save video footage.

Also the Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phone has a built in media player through which the user can download music on their handset. It also has a FM radio complete with RDS helping the user to listen their favourite radio station. The Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phones also make it possible to download polyphonic ringtones.

The mobile phone also has additional features like an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, notes, tasks, phone book & business card exchange. It is possible for the user to share the contact details easily using the business card exchange feature while managing the phone book easily storing all their contact names & numbers. The mobile phone also has the function of call conference, making it ideal for group discussions and arrangements.

Nokia Prism: Blend of Style and Cutting-edge Features

The Nokia Prism phones have become quite popular with their unusual design and geometrical pattern. If you look at its amazing feature set, the handset offers a WAP browser, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth. Stay connected by browsing the web. The 30MB memory can be expanded through an external card slot.

The Nokia 7900 Prism, an upgraded version of Nokia 7500 offers a lot of high-end feature and is a stunning device appealing to a wide range of users worldwide. This stunning device boasts the same geometrical design and comes with Quad-Band GSM network. Connectivity features include GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth. Listen to mind blowing music through the integrated music player that plays music in MP3/AAC/eAAC+/WMA file formats.

The distinctive designs with high-end features meet all your needs with amazing styles and functionalities. The display is ideal for viewing those high quality pictures and video clips. The attractive features of the handset include a intuitive user interface and standby time of up to 10 days. The web browser and Push Email features are essential for busy professionals. This lightweight phone aims at the fashion conscious consumers. The massive 2GB makes room for all of the music tracks, pictures, video clips, content downloads. This simply stunning device is widely appreciated by mobile phone users.

This eye candy comes with a sleek design and avant-garde features. Experience web browsing at a fast pace. Listen to your choice of music through the integrated music player and FM radio. Nokia 7500 is distinct handset incorporates geometric patterns and graphic light refracting colors and this ensures that the handset is distinctive. Just login to the online mobile phone shops and take advantage of the amazing deals and special offers available only for you. You can easily find discounts, bargains, gifts and deals that are designed especially for you.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Motorola RAZR2 V8: A great looking handset

The renowned mobile phone brand, Motorola appeals to consumers with its stunning designs and cutting-edge features. Motorola manages to pack in a number of features that make their phones a complete package.

The exclusive and superior Motorola RAZR2 V8 is an incredibly user-friendly handset with eye-catching features. The easy to use connectivity options let you connect your phone to compatible devices by using a USB connection or Bluetooth. The EDGE technology offers high speed file transfers and downloads. Surf the internet with the HTML browser that provides you a realistic web experience. The voice features like voice reminder allow you to record and store a voice reminder on your handset.

Enjoy taking still pictures with the 2 megapixel camera with an 8 x digital zoom feature. The full colour display and a user-friendly and stylish keypad and a high-quality resolution are some of the impressive features of the handset. The large touch sensitive external screen can be used to control the music player functions without opening the phone’s flip.

The MMS feature lets you share your experience with others. Synchronise your email, phonebook and calendar with the MotoSync feature. The well designed icons are perfectly spaced and the touch screen is unique and convenient. Listen to the music player via the optional Bluetooth stereo headphones. The Motorola RAZR2 V8 offers a plenty of storage space for files, pictures and music files. Choose between 512 MB or 2G of memory space, depending on your needs.

The great looking and highly functional Motorola RAZR2 V8 incorporates plenty of features with a trendy and stylish design. The handset is a healthy upgrade to the previous RAZR V3. The remarkable features include a faster user interface, loads of storage and a slimmer design. Get hold of this handset by logging into one of the online mobile shops and take advantage of the mind boggling deals available there.

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Samsung G600 Mighty: Advanced features and Dynamic functionalities

Samsung, the renowned mobile phone manufacturer is coming up with feature-rich mobile phones. These latest Samsung phones come with multi-purpose functionalities and stupendous features. Discover the fantastic slim gadgets fully loaded with dynamic functionalities catering to your varied professional and personal needs. This time around, it has one mobile phone by the name Samsung G600 alias mighty to prove more positives.

The sleek camera phone, Samsung G600 Mighty is equipped with excellent functionalities like 5 mega-pixel camera, MP3 player, TV Out, Bluetooth A2DP, USB, GPRS, EDGE, WAP 2.0, XHTML NetFront and HTML. This design icon and high performance phone captures quality pictures of your precious moments. Enjoy the built-in Power LED flash, image stabilizer and image enhancer. The LCD screen brings a better viewing experience and enables to view larger pictures and graphics.

The Samsung G600 Mighty is also endowed with a variety of multimedia features like the embedded MP3 player, internet browsing, and more. This 3G enabled device offers a good web browsing experience. The 5 Mega Pixels camera comes with features like an image stabilizer, autofocus, video and a flash, providing high resolution picture quality.

The high quality music player enables you to play music in MP3, AAC, AAC, WMA file formats. For live entertainment, there is stereo FM radio. View all your clicked images through your TV with the TV out feature. Talking about the memory, the Samsung G600 has an internal 55 MB memory which is expandable. The quad band handset provides with worldwide roaming that automatically switches between the GSM networks.

The online mobile phone shops are an easy way to buy your Samsung G600 through attractive mobile phone deals. Top mobile networks like T Mobile, Orange, and Vodafone bring multitude of options that suit your communication needs. Take benefit of the exciting deals and offers with a multitude of tariff options and enticing offers and cash backs.

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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Apple iPhone is brilliant when it comes to design

Eversince the Apple iPhone has been launched; there has been a great furore and speculation all around. And with that it also raises many questions about the usability and features of the phone. So does the Apple iPhone make a good picture? Well read along to know what the entire device has in store.

The Apple iPhone is brilliant when it comes to design. The handset features a large touch sensitive screen, which includes all the keys and functionalities. The screen comes with good resolutions and makes an eye candy for viewing pictures, texts and graphics. Also, the screen comes with the ability to zoom and to resist finger prints and scratches. The make of the phone is simple, with a candy bar look – all wrapped with the smart black colour.

The Apple iPhone comes with an array of features. It features a good email system. The handset includes popular email standards — IMAP and POP3. More, the Apple iPhone works with most popular email services, including Google Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, and .Mac Mail. There is also a provision for Push emails.

The Apple iPhone also provides a lot of security features. There is a provision for 4 digit password to protect accessibility to the contents of the handset. For secure Internet access, Apple iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN).

Other highlights of the phone includes 2 MP camera, with camera settings, a competent music player, messaging services like SMS, MMS etc a plethora of lifestyle features. For connectivity, the Apple iPhone includes Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, Wi-Fi. It runs on Quad Band network and has OS X Based Operating System. The handset offers 5 hours of talk time and is available in two capabilities – with 4GB memory and with 8 GB memory. The handset is compact as well. It measures just 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Samsung E900: Slim yet powerful.

Acquaint yourself with the new mobile world – the Samsung E900 takes you to the world of unhindered connectivity and provides full entertainment options to suit your modern and busy lifestyle. Built on slider technology, the stylish and powerful device gives you a chance to show your creative talent with imaging and multimedia options – putting your inherent talent in front of the world with full zeal and confidence.

The Samsung E900 truly reflects your personality with pride. With its simplistic design, the sleek and compact device packs an array of features. Slider in format and slim in profile, the device features an ultra-sleek touch screen keypad that enhances its appealing looks. Though slim in profile, the device does not compromise on phone features. Empowering an array of multimedia and productivity tools, the Samsung E900 is all set to manage your personal and business world with ease.

With its excellent performance, the Samsung E900 is getting huge popularity in the global mobile phone market. As far as imaging feature is concerned, the device offers quality pictures with a 2.0 mega-pixel camera combined with CMOS image sensor, flash and up to 4x digital zoom. Capture images in JPEG format or you can also take video footage on the move.

Moreover, the Samsung E900 offers endless entertainment features including an integrated music player. Play and listen to your favourite music tracks on the move. Supported with several music file formats such as MP3/AAC/ACC+/e-AAC+/WMA, you get easy downloading options. What's more, the Samsung E900 comes with MP3 ringtones, customise and give a unique identity to the device. And play Java games and refresh your mind. Packed with 80 MB of in-built memory plus microSD memory card – store more songs, videos, images and more.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

LG KE970: prepare to be bedazzled

The LG KE970, also popularly known as the LG Shine is the second in line of the highly acclaimed Black Label series. Expectations from the LG KE970 or the LG Shine were very high after the tremendous response received by the earlier Black Label handset – the LG Chocolate. The LG KE970 is completely opposite of the LG Chocolate. The LG KE970 boasts of a very shiny stainless steel casing against the black Chocolate.

Being a part of the same Black Label series, the LG KE970 maintains the same simplistic sophistication. A minimalist shiny stainless steel casing with high reflective index is responsible for the name 'Shine' that is more popular than the traditional alpha-numeric KE970. The high definition 2.2 inch TFT screen too sports a mirror effect, thereby making the LG KE970 a real time substitute of mirror for a quick hair check! A row of conventional keys on the top slide and highly tactile numeric keys are much easier than the unresponsive touch sensitive keys.

Unlike other fashion phones that are high on style and abysmally low on functionality, the LG KE970's shine only starts with its glamorous outlook. The sleek slider is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel digital camera to shoot awe inspiring pictures with resolution as high as 1600x1200 pixels. Though not positioned as a camera phone, the LG KE970 Shine has all advanced mobile imaging features like autofocus, digital zoom, integrated flash and various special effects.

The LG KE970 supports tri-band GSM network and shifts bands automatically to give you a seamless voice network reception across the globe. The handset can also be turned into a internet surfing wizard with its built in GPRS and EDGE technology. Browse the internet for desired information and contents with the WAP 2.0/xHTML browser and download it directly to the LG Shine. 50 Mb internal memory and external memory card support has enough space for anything you might like to download.

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Motorola KRZR K1: Feel the power

Being the first mobile manufacturer, Motorola has come a long way in the digital mobile world. With the technological advancement in the mobile industry, Motorola has also come up with new and latest handsets to suit today's mobile lifestyle. With multitude of features, all the devices from Motorola come equipped with high performance features.

After successful launch of the RAZR group, Motorola has once again come up with the KRAZR K1 phone. This sleek and shimmering device comes with metallic finish and gives a strong feeling to the user. Additionally, the device is loaded with multimedia and entertainment functions, connectivity options and lots more. This Motorola device is otherwise also known as Motorola K1, Motorola KRZR or Motorola MOTOKRZR.

It’s an upgraded version of the popular V3i and adds more than its predecessors. Combining some of the features from RAZR, the Motorola KRZR K1 gives more. In terms of design, the device looks more slim and tall – and easily slips into the pocket. Built on the same razor-thin design principles, Motorola KRZR K1 is very compact and has a dimension of 6 x x42 x x10 3mm. The device at 102g is very lightweight and users would always love to hold the phone.

Equipped with high-end functionalities, the Motorola KRZR K1 always keeps you entertained wherever you go. Boasting a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom – you can capture quality pictures on the move. Supported with 25 minutes of video-support in-built memory, enjoy watching videos on the go. What's more, with an enhanced music player – play your favourite sound tracks and refresh your mind. And with EDGE technology – enjoy high speed mobile internet and synchronise emails anytime-anywhere. With Screen3 feature – get zero click access to latest news and information.

The Motorola KRZR K1 is a slim yet powerful device for everyone.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Sony Ericsson W810i: More music and more fun.

With the launch of the Sony Ericsson Walkman series devices, consumers all over the world have experienced the real feel of music in their mobile phones. Sony Ericsson's Walkman phones have been designed exclusively for music lovers. Music is something that everyone likes and if you are getting superb quality sound in your mobile device then why keeps a separate music player for the same purpose.

Being a leading mobile manufacturer, Sony Ericsson's strategy in launching Walkman series mobile devices is really commendable. The present trend in the mobile phone market also gives a clear idea about the needs and preferences that the new age consumers have shown. In that very situation when the whole world is getting crazy about music, Sony Ericsson's Walkman phones really meet the thrust.

All the Walkman series phones from Sony Ericsson come equipped with unique music features and in the same line up W810i is one of them. This new device is an upgraded version of the W800i and adds more new features. In terms of design, it’s a candy-bar designed device and is somewhat thinner than the W800i. The device comes with a 5-way navigation key instead of the joystick.

The technological advancement in the Sony Ericsson W810i is the addition of EDGE technology. Now with this feature, users can transfer heavy multimedia files in no time. Additionally, users can also enjoy fast mobile internet. Browse the web, send and receive emails or keep you updated with latest news and information.

For music fans, the Sony Ericsson W810i provides superb sound quality. Loaded with an integrated media player, it also supports several music file formats such as MP3 and AAC. Keep your favourite music tracks at your fingertips and listen to music wherever you go. With Mega Bass, the device also enhances music quality. And with 512MB Stick PRO Duo, the device offers more space. Phone memory can further be expanded up to 1GB – don't think, only download songs.

Though it’s a music device, the Sony Ericsson W810i also offers camera features. Boasting a 2.0 mega-pixel camera with auto focus and up to 4x digital zoom – the device is all ready to capture some incredible moments. Share pictures with friends and family via MMS.

Enjoy music and other advanced features with the Sony Ericsson W810i.

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Monday, 21 May 2007

Nokia 7373 imbibes some serious features to make personal and professional life easier

L'Amour Collection has been the front runner in the fashion segment for the global leader. While others in the category are getting more and slimmer and shinier, handsets like Nokia 7373 from the L'Amour collection are inclined towards age old charm of designing aesthetics. Renunciation of eclecticism has been the theme of the whole L'Amour collection.

The Nokia 7373 is a swivel open design handset. Keeping the tradition of L'Amour handset to be masterpieces of designing sensibilities, the Nokia 7373 is equally enriched with aesthetic appeal and sensual feel like the other members of the family. The handset's impeccably designed exterior can boast of a finely tooled surface, embossed finish and exquisite detailing. The motifs on the body of Nokia 7373 are drawn with inspiration from tribal and ethnic art patterns of swirl and waves. The beautiful handset is available in Bronze Black and a Powder Pink variant exclusively for women.

When the handset is closed, it is dominated by a high resolution TFT screen capable of producing up to 262K colours. Instead of disturbing the design with extra keys, the Nokia 7373 features a single keypad so that any other keys do not distract the bare pure beauty of Nokia 7373. However, the fashion of this stunner hasn’t got into the way of its functionality.

The Nokia 7373 imbibes some serious features to make personal and professional life easier. The handset is based on the 3rd edition of the S40 interface. That way the user interface is highly intuitive as well as responsive. Be it triband GSM mobile network support or mobile internet via EDGE and GPRS – the Nokia 7373 has an answer to all your communication needs. Local connectivity via USB and Bluetooth could be used to share files and information, pair and synchronize devices at a tremendous rate. The handset even has an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera for instant imaging and a media player for mobile music.

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Nokia 6300 is another powerful handset from Nokia

To have a mobile is like any other need in this illustrating digital age. Most of the users just cannot think to move on without having a mobile handset; this is just the beginning and we can expect something big in future. When mobile market is literally flooded by innumerable handsets, you have unlimited choices to get your kind of mobile phone, as per your preferences and needs.

As being the world leader in mobile communications, Nokia has always been the forerunner, when it comes to bringing forth the best in mobile technology. The Nokia 6300 is another powerful handset from Nokia, which is loaded with substantial functionalities to take a very good care of your mobile needs.

Besides offering a lot in technology, the Nokia 6300 is also a stylish gadget. It comes with a brilliant music player to let you enjoy all your favourite music – whenever you want. Moreover, it is also endowed with a camera, which can capture all those great moments for you. To make the most of your creative side, you can also make all those cool changes in your mobile life with various ringtones, screensavers and wallpapers. Although, the Nokia 6300 belongs to the middle range handsets of Nokia, but it does really well to stay at par with various powerful handsets.

As far as the camera features of the Nokia 6300 is concerned, it is endowed with a 2 mega pixel camera, which is further supported by various assistant features such as a viewfinder and 8x digital zoom. So, next time you can get you perfect shot with your very own Nokia 6300. As such, the Nokia 6300 is loaded with substantial memory, which enables you to treasure all your stuff – the way you want.

The Nokia 6300 is empowered by various latest technologies to provide an unparalleled connectivity. It supports the popular Tri-band technology with EDGE, USB, GPRS and Sync ML – all that you love to have in your mobile phone. The Nokia 6300 does not boast a lot about its profile, but it has all the qualities to be your compatible performer.

Nokia 6300 and Nokia E65.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Nokia E61 is a premium business solution for Nokia.

The Nokia E61 is a premium business solution for Nokia. Nokia business phones are long known for simple yet elegant design, user friendliness and a good bundle of features. The Nokia E61 is a bit on the flashy side with a sleek silver casing and a full QWERTY keypad that shows off the power underneath. However it retains the user friendliness and a long feature list that is typical of an E series smartphone.

The Nokia E61 is fitted with a 2.8 inch active matrix screen that can produce an astounding 16 million colours. The high resolution screen produces sharp images so that documents and applications are clearly seen. The handset's numeric keys are easily identifiable in the qwerty keypad for their different shade – simple yet thoughtful designing to keep the Nokia E61 easy to handle. The handset fits to the palm perfectly and feels quiet robust at 144 grams.

The Nokia E61 is a perfect companion for professionals on the move. The handset supports all four GSM mobile phone networks across all corner of the globe. The mobile phone supports high data transfer speed of up to 384 kbps across UMTS (3G) network. The Nokia E61 also has the option to fall back to 'slower' data connection via class 10 EDGE (up to 236.8 kbps) and GPRS. The Nokia E61 mobile phone supports WiFi and could be used to make VoIP calls. Making long overseas call is now a matter of little small change.

This Series 60 UI platform based, Symbian OS v9.1 operated smartphone is optimised of email on the move. One can choose from two email solutions and even opt for push email solutions that notify you the instant you have a new email. The handset supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and is compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader as well.

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LG Shine is a good looking phone, just like the LG Chocolate

Mobile world is not only about wonders, but it is also about consistently changing trends. You never know, a mobile handset, which has been acclaimed as the finest one a month ago might lying under the clutter – as our preferences do change with a same speed like the mobile technology progresses. Hence, every leading handset manufacturer does a comprehensive research and put the best efforts to create a new handset.

The LG Shine is once such dynamic gizmo, which has been duly designed with breathtaking looks, which are very well complemented by superb functionalities. Earlier, it was a sheer battle to produce music, multimedia or camera phones, but now the focus is shifted on good looking phones, which also support all these features. The LG Chocolate was the most happening thing after the couple of days of its release, but now its about LG Shine – which has been consistently shining and it is here for a very long time.

The LG Shine is a good looking phone, just like the LG Chocolate, but it moves ahead with its compatible features. It is like a perfect treat for all those who adore fashion phones, which can also perform various tasks like other phones. This designing wonder has been named as Shine because of its stainless steel casing, which shines very well to leave you awestruck. It has been further endowed with a larger 2.2 inch screen, which provides a mirror look. This mirror is too good and adds that desired impact in the overall looks of the LG Shine. On the other hand, its outer cover is diligently finished up to make it a soothing device, whenever you will hold this gadget. It’s like a jewel and you would certainly feel good to have this one.

Offering more than just looks, the LG Shine comes equipped with a checkerboard keypad with a slider mechanism. This allows you to get an easy access to all the major functions. It is also loaded with a 2 mega pixels camera and other assisting features with auto flash, zoom and auto focus – make the most of it by capturing all those defined moments. Furthermore, you can also enjoy music on its music player. To get the best deals of this gadget, you can easily go for the LG Shine sim free phone to get more than you want – with additional offers. So, bring your LG Shine and feel the difference by adding loads of desired style in your life.

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Nokia 5200 is all set to entice you with music features

The recent breakthrough in the mobile technology has brought a new revolution in the communication world. The dramatic change in the mobile industry has also brought design and feature rich devices before the consumers all over the globe. With time, consumer’s needs and preferences are also changing and almost all leading mobile companies are trying hard to compete with their counterparts.

In the same fray, Nokia as one of the leading mobile manufacturers has launched an array of mobile devices that are equipped with multitude of innovative features. Nokia devices are well known for their design and intuitive features. That's the reason why Nokia has constantly made its presence in the global market. Whether its music, camera, business or basic phones – Nokia has given its best and has got huge popularity in the mobile phone market.

In the slider phone category, Nokia has revealed a unique stylish phone for stylish people, the Nokia 5200. Available in two attractive colour combination, which include bright blue with white and red with white. Both colour combinations are very tempting and complement with phone features. Boasting a dazzling 262k colour CSTN display – watching videos and images are a real pleasure.

The Nokia 5200 is all set to entice you with music features. The device is loaded with a music player and FM radio and visual radio. The music player supports several music file formats such as MP3 and AAC – enabling users to download songs with ease. And with dedicated key, get access to FM stereo radio and music player when MicroSD card is inserted. Users can also listen to and watch their favourite FM radio station with the integrated FM radio and FM visual radio.

Now with Bluetooth, USB and infra red, transfer data with or without using a wire. Feel the freedom with the Bluetooth wireless technology and share data in no time. Additionally, the Nokia 5200 is packed with a VGA camera, advanced messaging features, mobile internet and more. Stay in touch with the people and keep you entertained with great music wherever you go.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Sony Ericsson W200i: The ultimate music experience

Sony Ericsson has once again revealed a new music phone, the W200i in its most popular Walkman series portfolio. For music fans, its an ultimate device – very thin (only 18mm in depth) and lightweight (85g) that perfectly fits in the palm and easily slips into the pocket. Available in two attractive colours, which include rhythm black and pulse white – the device is all set to entice you.

Powered by Walkman Media Player – the Sony Ericsson W200i provides superb sound quality. Experience the musical rhythm with the W200i. Additionally, the device also comes with music feature like Mega Bass – adds more quality to your music. Users can also select or compose unique ringtones, personalise them and give a new identity to this excellent music device. What's more, with FM radio RDS – tune in to your favourite FM radio station and enjoy listening to hit music.

Apart from music features, the Walkman phone also offers a VGA camera, video player and more – capture both sill and motion pictures, record videos and share with friends and family via MMS. Using Picture editor, you can make changes and with Picture effect – make it more expressive or funny. View images and videos on a TFT colour screen (128 x 160 pixels) and enjoy.

The Sony Ericsson W200i offers advanced messaging services such as SMS, MMS, Email, Push email, etc. Express your emotions with your near and dear ones through texts, images, video clips and more. Send and receive emails through mobile internet and always keep in touch with the people and the world. The device also supports an expandable memory card and users can accommodate more multimedia files.

The device offers connectivity options such as USB, GPRS and infra red – connect the device and share data with ease. The only disadvantage of this phone is the absence of Bluetooth wireless technology. The phone comes equipped with Access NetFront Web Browser and RSS Feeds, surf the net and stay connected with the world.

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Monday, 7 May 2007

Sony Ericsson Z530i: Slide open and capture

Of late, Sony Ericsson is becoming more popular for its Walkman series phones. In its W series portfolio, the company has launched an array of music devices. Last year also, Sony Ericsson introduced three camera phones that are equipped with high quality camera features. For those who love photography, these handsets could be the best choice. These devices include the K510, the Z530i clamshell and the K310 – capture high quality snapshots and share with friends and family via MMS and emails.

These phones have been designed to capture perfect pictures and for sharing them with near and dear ones. Each of the handsets deliver high quality pictures and a variety of picture sharing options such as MMS, infra-red and email – capture the world and share anytime-anywhere.

Among the three camera phones, the Sony Ericsson Z530i is an upgraded version of the Z520i. A high quality finished clamshell device is equipped with camera, music, push-email and HTML internet browser and more. Though most of the features of this phone is similar to the Sony Ericsson Z520i – the main advantage is the addition of external memory support. With 1GB of Memory Stick Micro – the phone offers more rooms for images, music tracks and video clips.

Boasting a VGA camera with up to 4x digital zoom, flash and picture editor – capture both still and motion pictures – viewing images and video footage on a 1 inch ultra bright 65k colour display is a real pleasure. The device also features a media player that supports several audio and video file formats such as MP3, AAC and MPEG4. Download music tracks, and play the music on the move. Users can also create customised polyphonic ringtones using MusicDJ application and make a difference.

In addition, the Sony Ericsson Z530i also offers messaging features such as SMS, MMS, EMS and instant messaging – keep in touch with your friends and family wherever you go. Through mobile internet, synchronise emails and keep you updated with the latest news.

Flip open and explore the mobile world.

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Saturday, 5 May 2007

Nokia 1110i – Simple, basic, yet effective!

The Nokia 1110i looks quite similar to versions of 1110 and 1112, but has some slight differences. The Nokia 1110i comes with a green backlight on the 96x68 pixel display as opposed to the 1110's amber backlight and the white backlight on the 1112.

Simplicity is embedded in each facet of the Nokia 1110i. So, we do not have anything extraordinary attached to its design. The phone comes with a black and white user friendly user interface that looks good with large icons (representing menu) and a large display. This sure offers a lot of convenience to a novice or a person who wants to easy navigation to the desired menu. The phone also comes with a 4 way navigation scroll key.

Nokia 1110i is simple in terms of features too. There is no Bluetooth, multimedia enhanced features , GPRS or email client, but offers everything so long you have 'talking' on your mind. Nokia 1110i Icon-based phonebook with simplified menu navigation, Graphical demo mode for phone features both with and without SIM card and Call management (timers, counters). It has facility for easy deletion of multiple messages and Picture messaging to send a picture greeting.

To give personalized feeling to the handset, Nokia 1110i comes with Exchangeable Xpress-on™ color covers, while for music mania's it offers 20-chord/voice polyphonic ringing tones with MP3-grade sound. Another noteworthy feature of Nokia 1110i is its Prepaid Tracker. Through this, one can keep a track of their phone usage.

Nokia 1110i is a dual band GSM phone. This runs on 850/1900 or 900/1800 configurations. Which means, your connectivity access gets expanded and you enjoy a true mobile experience? The Nokia 1110i has a talk time of up to over 5 hours and a standby time of up to 15 days.

With the launch of Nokia 1110i, the manufacturer emphasizes ease-of-use, reliability and affordability. It might not be feature packed with the latest technology, but does give you a lot in the simplest way.

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Nokia 7360 Pink: Eye Candy

It's woman's ultimate accessory, it's her true companion, it's a phone, it's Nokia 7360 Pink. The Nokia 7360 is a comely member of Nokia's L'Amour range of phones. The phone is extremely sensuous. The senses it appeals the most are sight and touch. The handset exudes textures of metal, leather, and cloth.

A pink frame circumscribes the screen of the candy bar. It consists of swirls and curves of a darker shade of pink. A deep pink navigation button is positioned beneath the screen. It lies in what can be called the middle segment of the handset. Two keys are placed on either side of the navigation button. The lower segment of the phone is adorned by a keypad. The keys are all of the softest pink hue. A cloth label flags the signature logo of L'Amour phones. In this the design imitates designer accessories-- a concept the manufacturers appended to the range.

The Nokia 7360 phone is meant to be flaunted at brunches and other such parties. The phone supports messaging modes such as SMS, MMS, Email with attachments, Instant Messaging, Flash Messaging, and Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging. You can warn a friend about a guest by sending an instant message. You can even share pictures of celebrities attending the party using the multimedia messaging service.

The Nokia 7360 phone provides internet access. Pop Port Connector or Infra Red can be used to transfer songs, pictures et al from the handset to a PC and/or vice versa. GPRS and EDGE support the operations.

An embedded FM Stereo Radio connects you radio stations as you move. This is effected by tri-band frequencies, which provide seamless connectivity. The Nokia 7360 Pink phone supports MP3, Polyphonic MIDI, and True Tone ringtones. Java games and MIDP 2.0 applications are provided to accord entertainment.

The eye candy, Nokia 7360, simply surprises by the stupendous range of features it hosts.

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Nokia 7360 Brown – Earthy attraction...

Designed tastefully, the Nokia 7360 Brown comes under the Nokia's genre "Chav's phone". It is a low end fashion phone. Which means the mobile is beautifully done, but is very weak in terms of functionalities. So, the Nokia 7360 Brown is a phone for fashion lovers, who just want some basic features in the mobile, and do not want to get confused handling a lot of hi-end functionalities.

The candy bar phone, Nokia 7360 Brown exudes a subtle temptation and a sensuous appeal at the very first look. The colour is aesthetically appealing making Nokia 7360 Brown a mobile suited for both the woman users as well as the menfolk. The phone has a pretty big display screen that has 128x160 pixel display. Thus, the colours come out fine and viewing becomes an eye candy. Talking about pictures, the Nokia 7360 Brown is enabled with VGA resolution camera. The themes of wallpapers and screen savers also have a ethnicity attached to it. This makes the phone rare as the motifs become more interesting. the contours are round and smooth, while the material used for wrapping the handset is also of impeccable finish. Nokia 7360 Brown comes in an attractive velvet bag to carry it in. Moreover, since the brown is so sober, you can carry it well, both for a formal as well as an informal occasion.

Nokia 7360 Brown is very basic in terms of specific functionalities. Apart from the conventional voice calling features, the Nokia 7360 Brown has push-to-talk and voice activated user interface. With Push to Talk, the phone acts just like a walkie-talkie where a single button enables communication between two compatible devices. There is a web browser and email client for instant access to the net. There is no Mp3 player but there is support for Mp3 ringtones. Plus, there is also an FM radio.

The Nokia 7360 Brown is 92 grams in weight and 105x45x18mm in measure. Talktime is a shortish 4 hours with up to 14 days standby.

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Nokia 7360 Black : Rise above the rat race.

For fashion enthusiast, the L'Amour collection from Nokia comes in as a breath of fresh air in the current scenario. In the process of scoring more brownies manufacturers have resorted to putting inside as many functions as possible without giving any major thought about the look and feel of the mobile phone. Majority of the handsets today are either plain Jane or something loud and sometimes even outrageous. But handsets from the L’Amour collection from Nokia have brought back the elements of traditional and classy design to mobile phone domain.

The Nokia 7360 is a member of the reputed L'Amour collection. The mobile phone is easily identifiable by the L'Amour trademark motifs on the phone's exteriors. The tribal and ethnic design inspired motifs speaks volume about its class. One look of the Nokia 7360 and anyone will appreciate the tasteful designing of the handset. The mono block mobile phone is meticulously crafted from leather inspired materials, etched metal, cloth and transparent surfaces.

The Nokia 7360 Black is highly popular with fashion conscious mobile phone users across all section. Other variants of the Nokia 7360 are Coffee brown, warm amber, and a more feminine Powder Pink. The Nokia 7360 is fitted with a colour rich TFT display that compliments the overall look of the Nokia 7360. It also works as a full screen viewfinder for the integrated camera. The built in camera is of VGA resolution with video recording capabilities. This is not much in this age of multi mega pixel camera phones, but it does its job well and proves to be highly effective.

The tri-band handset can also be used to surf the internet through its built in WAP 2.0/xHTML browser. Data connectivity is either through GPRS or EDGE technology. Local sharing of files could be done through Infrared or USB. The Nokia 7360 Black also features a FM radio for entertainment on the go.

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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Nokia 2310: A prudent performer.

The current Nokia mobile handsets boast of cutting-edge technology with an exhaustive range of compatible features. Well, the new ones are dynamic in features with so much to offer. But, Nokia's initial range or entry level handsets never lost their popularity because of their dedicated and easy to use features. The Nokia 2310 is also one of those entry level handsets, which have been performing consistently since their release.

The Nokia 2310 is quite simple in its overall profile, but on the other hand, it is quite effective in whatever it offers. Its designing has been made more simpler to make it an easy to use device for every user. It also takes very good care of your music preferences with its FM radio, which lets you enjoy all your favourite music – whenever you want. Taking a very good care of your viewing experience, the Nokia 2310 offers a very good display with polyphonic ringtones. You can explore more of your creative side with its customised screensavers and animated wallpapers.

Overall, the Nokia 2310 is a very good blend of sophistication and entertainment to give you a very good mobile experience. Moreover, its humble profile easily fits into your ultra lifestyle. Its FM radio is also supported by a dedicated access key. As far as sound quality is concerned, it is good and you can also increase or decrease its volume as per your listening preferences. For more fun, you can make the maximum use of its MP3 ringtones, sound visualisation effects and polyphonic ringtones. To keep you ahead of your time, the Nokia 2310 also comes with a time and date screensaver, which acts as a reminder. Well, its colourful animated icon menu is simply enticing and user-friendly.

To add more fun to your mobile life, the Nokia 2310 also comes with three embedded games comprising of nature park game, bounce and snake zenia game – challenge yourself whenever you want. You can also express yourself differently by sending text messages or picture messages. As far as battery life is concerned, it comes with substantial battery life, which allows you to enjoy a talk time of up to six hours. Stay connected in the easiest possible way with the Nokia 2310.

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Nokia 6080: Austerity Attracts

The Nokia 6080 phone is characterized by unparalleled ergonomics. The handset is a candybar. It disavows complex mechanisms, yet continues to spell its charm. Handsets are available in two colours – sleek black and classy gold. Each shade is distinguished and graceful. Breeding serviceable features the phone stands impressive.

The mien of the Nokia 6080 phone is accentuated by a TFT display and a set of keys etched in a keypad. A large scroll button is placed at the top of the keypad to ease menu navigation. The handset is convenient to handle as it weighs a mere 91 grams and measures 18.6 mm in thickness. The phone hosts display flash. In this the screen flashes missed call alerts and reminders set by the users at relevant moments.

The Nokia 6080 phone facilitates messaging besides standard telecommunication. It supports Text Messaging, Multimedia Messaging, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, Instant Messaging, and Email. Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging is a sui generis feature. It can be used to send voice messages over MMS. The process is expeditious and the feature par excellence.

An integrated VGA camera enables imaging. It is capable of capturing still pictures and video clips. The latter can be run on a Video Player. More images and video clips can be imported by availing any of the connectivity options. The Nokia 6080 phone supports Infra Red, USB, Pop Port, and SyncML Data Synchronization. The last feature establishes compatibility between the phone and other devices to permit data traffic between them.

The Nokia 6080 phone provides XHTML browser. EDGE and HSCSD are technologies responsible for expediting internet access and data transfer. The phone commands elaborate music functionality. It has an in-built FM Stereo accompanied by an AMR Audio Nokia Headset. The phone is amenable to a gamut of ring tone types. These include MP3 tones/songs, True Tones, MIDI and polyphonic tunes.

Housing Games for entertainment, Organizer for office, and other features, the Nokia 6080 phone balances the austerity of its aspect with the richness of its features.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Nokia 3120: Get Initiated

Planning a mobile for the first time isn't easy. Many factors need to be considered. A phone must offer serviceable features. It should be operable. But foremost, it must have a visual appeal. The Nokia 3120 phone is designed to mark your initiation in to the world of mobile phone users. The handset is a candy bar available in a choice of two attractive colours. The Lime Tree Green handset has a feminine appeal and Iron Blue masculine and flamboyant. Both colours exude a freshness characteristic of youth.

The Nokia 3120 phone can spin an adolescent affair at school or college. Imagine that the girl you fancy needs to make a call. Her phone is out of battery, so you help her by offering your tri-band phone. The light weight handset fits well into her palm and she forgets that she is using your phone. She moves about the campus talking uninterrupted. When reality dawns she apologizes and praises the phone ... and you.

You take her number and send text and instant messages in the night. She responds, and therewith begins a friendship. You share your pictures using the Multimedia Messaging Service. You can connect your Nokia 3120 to a PC using a USB cable and transfer data to it. This would galvanize her interest further. Flaunt your knowledge of languages by switching to any of the language options you reckon. The phone gives you a choice of four languages -- Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. You can set the language you understand and impress the young lady.

Now you make the final move by lending her the handset to play games. On ending the game she would discover her picture on the screen. Take this opportunity to tell her your feelings. Seeing her picture on your Nokia 3120, she certainly won't refuse the proposal.

So get a Nokia 3120 and find the one you love.

Nokia 6230i: Simply amazing!

In the digital mobile world, there are lots more competitions among leading companies. Everyone is trying to defeat the other one. In such a whooping competitive world, Nokia as a leading mobile manufacturer has proved itself as one of the best companies in the global market. A popular brand that is known for its design and feature rich handsets.

In the innovative series, Nokia has launched an array of mobile devices and has got immense popularity in the telecommunication world. Nokia has also updated many devices and the Nokia 6230i is one of them. This device is an updated version of the most popular Nokia 6230. Though both these handsets resemble i many aspects, but the Nokia 6230i adds more.

The sleek and compact mobile device is packed with an array of features such as a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, video recorder, messaging services and support of expandable memory card – hold the slim phone in your hand, capture the moment (both still as well as motion pictures), share with friends and family via MMS and with 512MB of external memory support – save and download more.

For those music fans, the Nokia 6230i offers superb sound quality – integrated with stereo music player, it supports several music formats such as MP3 and AAC – enabling users to download songs with ease. Transfer your preferred songs from a CD library or download songs through mobile internet. Moreover, you can also enjoy all time hit music from your favourite FM radio station. And with Push to talk feature, get connected with your loved ones in a single click.

Connect and share data with devices such as PCs and laptops via USB, infra red or Bluetooth wireless technology. What's more, enjoy mobile internet, check emails or surf the net for latest news and information.

A simple yet powerful device, the Nokia 6230i has everything to bring a smile on your face.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

BlackBerry 7130G: a specimen of inventive technology

Millions of people are using mobile phones right now. What distinguishes you from them? An inventive handset with features that sum up your professional and personal needs, perhaps? BlackBerry presents a mobile model to give you exactly what you want. The BlackBerry 7130G comes with a SureType keyboard. Synthesizing qualities of a PC keyboard and a mobile keypad, the hybrid board does much to facilitate typing of messages and mails as on a keyboard.

The BlackBerry 7130G is quite a specimen of inventive technology. The phone hosts Digital TTY/TDD. This feature lets people with hearing disabilities to communicate by typing TTY type messages. This is a major breakthrough in the mobile arena. The focal point of this phone is its internet/mailing functionality. BlackBerry 7130G gives you multiple email access. You can manage up to ten mails simultaneously. Push Mail sends mails from your PC directly to the mobile. The phone retrieves mails in an area with wireless network support. Elsewhere, it deploys the General Packet Radio Service. It provides WAP and HTML browsers to support web access.

BlackBerry 7130G uses the LCD display technology. It exudes a resolution of 240x260 pixels. It is of major assistance in viewing menu, messages, and pictures. The phone's messaging options include text messaging, multimedia messaging, instant messaging, and email. The phone has an in-built Music Player. It can play songs in the MP3 format. The Music Player comes along with a 2.5mm Headset Jack. This device is plugged in the handset to hear music. Games are embedded and can also be downloaded.

Connectivity consists of Bluetooth, USB, and Sync PC. The last feature is furnished to help synchronize applications such as the calendar between the phone and a personal computer. BlackBerry 7130G has exceptional memory options. It has 64 MB of Flash Memory and 16 MB of SRAM. These help manage the mails and messages.

Wielding this phone helps you wield technology.

Nokia 6103: Bluetooth wireless technology

In the mid range fold-style phones, Nokia has again introduced the Nokia 6103. Its an updated version of the most popular Nokia 6101. The new Nokia 6103 comes with an updated modern look and adds more features such as Bluetooth wireless technology and more. In addition, the phone also offers an array of options to increase the phone performance and for more convenience to the mobile user.

The clamshell designed handset looks very attractive and stylish. Flip open the phone and reveal the bright internal screen at 65,536 colours and at 128x160 pixels. The phone comes with a user-friendly keypad as the buttons are soft and separated. Push the button and explore multitude of features that are concealed in this slim and compact phone.

The Nokia 6103 along with Bluetooth wireless technology, also offers a VGA camera with dedicated camera keys, Nokia Xpress audio messaging and dual colour screens supported with animated wallpapers and screensavers – freeze the moment and share with friends and family, send audio clips or customize your phone with some unique wallpapers. Synchronise your contact and information and with voice dialling and handsfree speakerphone – the Nokia 6103 brings more comfort to the mobile lifestyle. Moreover, with FM radio, MIDI and MP3 ringtones, users can enjoy all time hit music from their favourite FM radio station.

In addition, the phone comes equipped with latest technologies such as WAP, GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE and more – enjoy high speed mobile internet, synchronise emails or browse the web for latest news and information. The Nokia 6103 also offers connectivity features such as Bluetooth, infra-red and USB – connect your phone with any compatible devices and share data with or without using a wire.

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our daily lifestyle. With more options available in the mobile market, it becomes very difficult to choose the right one. In the mid range fold-style phones, the Nokia 6103 could be the right choice as it offers everything and looks very stylish.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Sony Ericsson W880i - Sway to the pulsating tunes...

With a classy design and contemporary features, Sony Ericsson W880i is sure to impress the gadgetry aficionados. Its stainless steel casing exudes flawless finish and user friendly design. The phone comes in a candy bar design and is amazingly slim, weighing only 71g. Also known as W880 and W880c, the phone is available in two colours casing – silver metallic casing and flame black coloured casing.

SE W880i is the part of the Sony Ericsson's Walkman series, and thus, it has been designed essentially for music lovers. It comes with a built-in music player, supporting all popular music formats. The phone also provides comprehensive range of features like music DJ melody composer, PlayNow quick select ringtone feature, Mega bass feature and Track ID music identification feature.

The W880i walkman phone comes with a built-in camera feature which enables the user to capture, store and save their memories. In addition, the camera comes with a 2.5 digital zoom and photo settings. One can also indulge in full video experience using the wide options to record, play and stream videos. To add more life to the mobile, SE W880i supports colourful picture wallpaper, animated screen savers and 3D games. It also allows the users to download games and musical tracks as per the choice.

Sony Ericsson W880i is a 3G phone that offers tri-band network. This enables the users to switch to the best available network automatically. For sharing, sending and synchronizing data, the phone has Bluetooth technology, USB and UMTS. The device also features host of multimedia messaging services, like SMS, MMS, etc. The users can also take part in video conferencing and conference call to keep up with their professional commitments. Besides, SE W880i has flight mode feature and business card exchange.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Contract mobile phones: It doesn't get better than this.

Customers are the actual winner of the fierce competition among mobile network giants. In their bid to woo the customers by offering more than one another, they have brought down mobile phones cost and tarrifs to an all time low. Owning a mobile phone now a days is no longer about money, it is a matter of your consent.

While picking up a contract mobile phones from a vast range, decisions are not only based on just the make of the phone and the service provider but also by a lot of fringe benefits that comes with every deal. 3 Mobile, T Mobile, Orange, O2, Virgin, Vodafone and all other service providers in UK has been rapidly adding more and more perks and benefits to their contract mobile phone deals to out do one another.

Compared to pay as you go phones, contract mobile phones offers lower calls and data charges. Other than lower tarrifs, another great benefit in favor of contract mobile phones is the fact that you don't have to buy a mobile phone outright. Just pay a fixed amount for a period between 12 to 36 months in exchange of free call minutes and texts, by the end of the term, the phone is yours to keep. Better still, there are also options to upgrade your contract mobile phone and lots of such other flexibilities.

Selecting the right talk plan is very important before 'signing' for any contract mobile phone deals. Pick up a plan that suits your mobile phone usage habits. If you talk more and seldom send texts, opt for the plan that offers your maximum free minutes. Other 'perks' offered in contract mobile phones could be free insurance, gifts or more popular Cash Back.

Great savings and many more added benefits have made contract mobile phones very popular and tempting across the whole customer spectrum.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Nokia 6111: Complementing modern life style.

Nokia 6111 is an elegant slider phone which offers hassle-free connectivity with a dash of style. With smooth surfaces and great finish, the handset makes you feel good, when you hold it. A large TFT 256k colour screen and a 5-way navigation key on the front side makes for greater readibility of content and intuitive navigation. Slide open the handset and you will find a well-spaced keypad which is highly desirable for an avid texter.

The Nokia 6111 mobile phone features a megapixel camera with latest imaging features like digital zoom and flash. Freeze surprising moments of your life and save them in the 23 Mb shared memory space provided on the handset. You can also spontaneously share those images with your near and dear ones using MMS. The camera supports video-recording in QCIF format.

The Nokia 6111 features an advanced media player mostly available on music phones. Latest media functions and an equalizer allows you to carry your favourite tunes wherever you go. Good sound quality fully complements the music capabilities of this handset.

The mobile phone supports Push to talk feature which allows you to use the Nokia 6111 as a walkie talkie. The phone works on tri-band GSM network which keeps you connected across continents. Get access to Internet on your mobile. Supported with class 10 GPRS, EDGE, WAP browser and HSCSD, the Nokia 6111 mobile phone offers quick downloading and fast data transfer.

Connect your handset with other compatible devices like personal computers, memory devices etc., using Infrared, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB and transfer songs, images and videos to and from your handset. The handset has good reception and voice quality. A range of personalization features help you give your personal style to your handset.

Samsung E370 - offers an quality music player

Samsung E370 is a stylish slider phone that holds a wide array of multimedia features within its compact size. The phone is designed not only keeping in mind the vogue but also the usability. Thus, Samsung E370 impresses both the fashion conscious as well as the 'men with work'.

This is a 1.3 Megapixels camera phone that comes complete with built-in flash and 5 x zoom. The camera is easy and quick to use and provides a clear and focussed shot, each time it is used. The flash is also quite impressive, enabling the users to capture pictures in dark and dull surroundings. Not only this, the users can also make interesting videos. There is a plethora of options to customize the pictures and videos, and the users can make their own photo album.

For music lovers, Samsung E370 offers an quality music player. The player not only supports Mp3 but also other popular format like AAC. To further enhance their musical experience, the users can download songs of their choice. Besides, the phone also offers many polyphonic ringtones to set as caller tunes.

Another entertaining feature of Samsung E370 is its embedded JAVA games. The collection can be increased further by downloading more JAVA games. For uninterrupted connectivity, Samsung E370 has Tri-band GPRS network. This will enable the users to be in contact with their personal and professional sphere, no matter where they are. A built-in In case of requirements for data transfer, the phone has Bluetooth and EDGE technology. It also provides the facility of USB connectivity.

With such rich features incorporated within, Samsung E370 comes in surprisingly small size. The compact gadget measures 86 x 43.1 x 20.4mm and weighs only 85 grams. Samsung E370 has a memory of 40 MB.