Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Nokia 7900: for the fashion focused people

The Nokia 7900 is compact phone that comprises of comprehensive features like a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player and high-end connectivity. With an element of style and fashion focused design it throbs a million hearts.

The beautifully designed Nokia 7900 enthrals the heart of millions. With a style and fashion focused 3G phone, Nokia is connecting people at large. No doubt, the designing of the phone appeals to users at first sight. Its stylish diamond patterns cut into aluminium casing and attractive diamond shaped cut keypad instantly attracts the attention of users.

The handset slips easily in the pocket and purse as the overall size is compact. The slim and sleek phone measures 112mm in height, 45mm in width and 11mm in thickness. The candy bar handset is entailed with multimedia capabilities and high-end connectivity. With its innovative designing, the handset is named as the Nokia 7900 Prism. The handset is style-focused phone that comes with an amazing light effect feature which makes it outstanding, as it allows users to customise the phone with forty nine different colours.

The screen of prism provides 16 million colours on an organic LED display which gives a mesmerising viewing experience. The two inch widescreen offers a high resolution as that makes the picture realistic and vivid. Thereby, capturing pictures and recording video from built-in 2 megapixel camera adds spice to the photography skills of users. The camera is packed with features that allow users to magnify the distant objects with an 8x digital zoom and flash mode sets to automatic on and off mode. The Prism supports video recording and video playback which can be played in QCIF, 3GPP, H263 or MPEG4 format.

The fun and entertainment in the multimedia features don’t stop here. The phone comes with a built in music player and an FM radio feature. The built-in music player allows music to be played on different formats like MP3, eAAC+ and AAC. Moreover, for sharing the pictures or music, the handset is enriched with a wireless Bluetooth and EDGE technology. The handset is backed with the quad-band technology of network that allows seamless connectivity anywhere across the world.