Saturday, 22 December 2007

Samsung U600: It’s all about functional elegance

Sometimes, even the most inquisitive of people get tired of all the frills and hype that get attached to a mobile phone when it is introduced in the market. The dozens of features, software and applications on a tiny phone seem so attractive- until the system freezes, that is- or you conclude in momentary frustration that it is too complicated for you to use. Well, here is some holiday cheer for you.

The Samsung U600 comes across as a fully functional and elegant phone. Although it can be hard to notice in the cacophony of phones blowing their own trumpets (or ringtones!) so loudly, it truly is a class apart. It functions on Quad band technology, features Bluetooth and is internet enabled. It has a very handy Document Viewer, that supports Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF formats alongwith a USB port for easy transfer to and from the computer. One of the most thoughtful innovations in this phone is its Sunlight mode, which reduces reflection on the screen when the lighting is too bright and increases the on-screen colour contrast. Another great feature is the built-in hands free application, so you do not have to fiddle with earphone wires or keep configuring the wireless headphones. The Micro SD memory card slot gives ample storage capacity.

If you are wondering whether or not it has any media applications, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It includes a built in 3.2 megapixel camera, a clear and seamless video recorder, supporting MPEG4, AAC, H.263, an MP3 player supporting Mp3, WMA, AAC formats, and even Java enabled gaming applications. Without building up unnecessary hype in the market, the Samsung U600 contains all media applications, presented with thoughtful and substantial features.

Graced with a subtle elegance, this phone is styled in a contemporary fashion. The tough sensitive keypad is based on a slim metallic plate and the keys are separate by slightly elevated seams. A total of 7 colour options are available in Sapphire Blue, Crystal Blue, Platinum Silver, Copper Gold, Garnet red, Neutral White and Soft Black. Besides, did you it is the thinnest slider phone in the market as of now? If you are one who likes to make a subtle and graceful statement without comprising on the substance and features, the super slim Samsung U600 will fulfill your wishes this holiday season!

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Sony Ericsson W910i: Composing life's background music!

Feeling low? Here are some soothing Rhythm & Blues melodies. Feeling funky? Shake with some peppy dance numbers! With an incredible play of technology, the Sony Ericsson W910i will sense your mood and play songs accordingly- with an application called SensMe- now that's what is called innovation. Certainly the most loved music phone till date, this little tech-fluffed device has much else: an in-built Speakerphone, digital camera, Bluetooth connectivity, very convenient PC to phone transfer through USB port along with a Memory Stick Micro slot for expandable memory.

A beautiful addition in the slider category, this music phone is a very sleek and sharp model, weighing merely 86 grams. It is available in 2 bold and basic colours: Hearty red and Noble Black. The slider reveals an etched-in, numeric keyboard, although wide enough for comfortable typing.

This beauty doesn't lag behind in technical specifications. It is compatible on the EDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSDPA (3G) networks. Featuring strong Bluetooth connectivity, it is also optimised for web browsing. Its 2 mega pixel camera captures pictures with good clarity and the generous 2.4 inch screen makes a good viewfinder and photo viewer. Its speakerphone ensures amazing voice clarity and phone is enabled for video calls. Loaded with such novel and user-friendly features, it has taken the market by storm. So much so, that the President of Sony Ericsson was surprised at the market enthusiasm created by the phone, which outshone even their own expectations?

The features that make this phone a class apart as a music phone are its music applications. SensMe is an application which allows creating music playlists based on the user's mood and state. Your constant companion (with a remarkable battery life of 9 hours), this music phone composes the perfect background music through the ups and downs of life! Another novel concept is its “Shake Control” application, which enables you to go the previous or next track seamlessly by just a single flick of the phone. Intuitively and appropriately crafted, a back and forth shake of the phone will shuffle up the songs for you. With supremely easy finger touch navigation, the application is optimised for easy and quick music downloads. So for a melodious experience, filled with a bit of tech-fun, the Sony Ericsson W910i is every music lover's dream machine.

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Sony Ericsson K850i: Picture Perfect

Sony Ericsson presents K850i- the top of the line camera phone so far in Sony's Cyber Shot range. Capturing the fleeting moments of life for keepsake, the K850i is any photographer's delight. Although it offers almost all features of a good multimedia phone, it is the in-built camera that will make your hand reach for the wallet.

Like all good phones designed for highly mobile people, it works on a quad band technology (GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900) and UMTS. It has great call reception and clarity in speakerphone. In its Organiser mode, it is equipped with Phone book, Calendar, Notebook, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Tasks, Timer and much else. The 2 slots for memory cards give a generous option in external memory- there is a MicroSD and Memory Stick Micro card slot; a USB port is included for quick and easy transfer to and from the PC. Its music media mode features an FM radio, in-built Play Now software and Media Player and the video mode records clips with crisp clarity with the help of its video stabilising software. 3G will give fast broadband connectivity and EDGE technology gives it a real edge in high speed data transfer.

So what about its camera, you ask? Sony has left no scope for questionable clarity, showcasing its camera phone with an amazing 5 Megapixels! For quick and convenient photography, the auto lens cover, auto focus, auto flash and auto Photo fix does it all. For more conscious photographers, a wide variety of manual settings are available in flash, effects, timer etc. such as twilight flash, portrait pictures, landscape mode, and photography for the beach or in snow. A special mode for sports photography is available, which needs precision timing and increased clarity. Its anti blur feature makes sure the pictures come out crisp and clear each time. The Photo fix feature auto- corrects pictures in low lighting conditions and can convert pictures in black-and-white, negative, or give the sepia effect. You can take, view, edit, store, categorise share and upload your pictures or even create a photo blog. You can enjoy the photos slide-show as you listen to a playlist of your favourite songs. Sounds like a cup of tea is all else you might need.

The phone is encrusted in a black and gray casing with an option of Velvet Blue or Luminous highlights and trimmings. In a convenient and solid bar design, it weighs barely 118 grams. The Sony Ericsson K850i is truly picture perfect- or shall we say- perfect pictures?

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Nokia N81: The Entertainment Package

Ask anyone- “Which is the one gadget you like the most?" Without even as much as a second of thought, the answer will most likely be a mobile phone. Moreover, if its the Nokia N81 you own, your adoration will probably grow into an ardent addiction! Designed to provide the ultimate entertainment experience for people on the move, the Nokia N81 is fully loaded with gaming, music, video, camera and web applications featuring Quad band GSM compatibility.

To begin with, the phone is extremely user- friendly. An easy navigation wheel guides you through the loaded maze. Besides being fully customisable, its 3D multimedia menu is as attractive as it is intuitive. The ergonomics of this sleek slider is way beyond comparison or competition. The stylish shape, the glazed polish and illuminating keys along with a sturdy balance makes a powerful statement.

Needless to say, this phone is not just a beauty. Being a “Phone” first, it has a clear call reception and transmission, even in Speaker mode. It has power packed gaming, photo, music and video and Internet applications in a tech-savvy bundle. With a high capacity, in-built memory of 8 GB, you can store your photos, music numbers and video clips, and download and play games as well. For photographers on the move, this is a handy little device with an in-built 2 mega pixel digital camera and a 2.4 inch LCD screen (even bigger than many digital cameras). It provides for a colourful experience supporting up to 16 million colours. For music lovers, an in-built FM radio, integrated stereo speakers, a variety of supporting formats (like MP3, AAC, and WMA etc.) and an in-built Real Player come as a pleasant surprise. You can even configure wireless headsets through Bluetooth and access the web through LAN or at Wi-Fi hot spots.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Nokia N81 is the Lifeblog, which lets users create, edit, present search and share content- their life in text, photos, music, and videos with other users. Nokia has been successful in creating a strong, loyal following by keeping up with the trends. Nokia has identified and connected with its new age generation and hence, they are being able to bring out the products that have an instant and massive appeal among its target market. Rest assured, this little 140 gram tech-packed entertainment device will stay beside you, singing to you at night or day.

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